hung ngoc-phat/portfolio
Data science - Machine learning
Anime recommender

A simple Flask application for anime recommendation using kNN algorithm, trained on MAL dataset (80M rows).


Simple system to classify two look-alike anime characters Shibuya Kanon and Kousaka Honoka. Base network: MobileNet v2. Accuracy on test set: 91%.

Lyrics Alignment

Align the Vietnamese audio and lyrics text of a song word-by-word using ASR and forced alignment.

Airflow and Spark data pipelining

Apply big data processing techniques to perform complex aggregation and analysis on the Japanese trade statistics dataset (100M rows).

Software Engineering

University project, prototypical online learning platform. Teachers can create courses and upload teaching materials. Students can enroll in courses, submit exercises, ...


A terminal snake game written in C++

Quản lý lì xì

My React Native beginner project. The funtionality of this app is suggested by its name already.


Imgur-like site where you can upload images of places where you have been to, with support for geolocation tagging and Facebook login.